January 7, 2009

l'objet de mon affection

*pic courtesy of thelifefiles.com

the sprouse collection skateboard and case. nuts.

and oh so fabuloso.

on sale tomorrow at the ny lv store in soho.  
retails for a whoppin $8,250. case is included with the deck. 
pharrell's probably snatched up 5 of these already.

p.s. damn i'm on a blogging spree tonight!!!  just keep finding good stuff!

UPDATE:  for more on the stephen sprouse collection and on sprouse himself, go to lv's dedicated site - welovesprouse.com. the collection hits stores on the 15th!

UPDATE 2: and peep the storefront for the soho store where they'll have the skate deck. 

* pic courtesy of hypebeast.


sb said...

you are on fire tonight!

you're LV sproul post reminded me that i have a sproul speedy from the days of yore....i was hoping they'd bring back the collection and viola!. looks like i'll be dusting off my vintage lv this weekend....

welcome back! how was "the other" LV?

on another note, i watched our favorite movie for the FOURTH time today. whoops, did i say that out loud?


tiffanyblue said...

i'm jealous! of both the vintage sprouse speedy and your 4th viewing! haha! didn't get a chance to go see it while in vegas. :-(

wanna go for a 5th? haha!!