January 12, 2009

january playlist

more music comin at ya.......

this is my playlist for the month of january. and it's about as eclectic as you can get. some alt, some mellow, some twilight, some electro x hip hop, a radio song, a partridge and a pear tree.

these are just songs i've been playing over and over again while online at home or at work. a couple of these i just discovered and was just so blown away by them i had to include on the list.

one song in particular i do have to call out - "like knives" by the fashion. i listened to this song from beginning to end twice in a row, then watched the video and i got the same reaction/deja vu feeling all three times. it made me remember the first time i ever heard the killers - "somebody told me." it was this little rush of excitement. an, oh my god, who are these guys, i'm so amped now after listening to this. there's just this certain energy behind the song that i can't fully describe. if i were actually working out, this would totally be my power song. :-)

ok actually, make that 2 songs i need to call out. "whachadoin" - m.i.a. / santogold / spank rock. literally discovered this hours ago and i've probably listened to it 3 or 4 times already. LOVE the chorus.



rolsuno said...

everything is dope minus that the Twilight ish!

tiffanyblue said...

yes but do you know WHICH songs are from twilight? :-)

sb said...

LOVE. you are such a gifted blog deejay!