January 24, 2009

abdc! s3!

abdc is back! so excited!
yay jc! still my number 1 boy band member EVER!
still hate lil mama with a passion! why can't they just replace her with the jabbawockeez guy who subbed in for jc last week!
i miss fanny pak! i still need to get one of their shirts. note to self - search online. or i can just shop at american apparel! haha!

so here's my breakdown of the crews so far, based on these first two eps (i still can't remember all the crew's names - and i'm too lazy to check - so i've subbed with my own)......

outtie already - g.o.p. and boxcutterz
g.o.p. was wack, so i had no prob with them having to walk it out first. boxcutterz i would have liked to see for one more episode because it seemed like they had some potential (there are two other crews i would've much preferred to see go first, but i'll get to that in a sec).

early faves - beat freaks, quest crew
i already know i wanna see these two in the final. as long as they can stay creative, come up with things we haven't seen before, and keep the crowd going then they should be fine. based on their first two routines, they have the potential but it's gonna be a long road ahead, with some bottom 2 appearances, no doubt.
beat freaks - they dance like guys and kinda remind me of that all-girl group from the 1st season, fysh n chicks (sp?). as long as they can get the b-boy and b-girl community behind them they should be safe. from the crowd shots during the show, it looks like super crew is rootin for these gals!
quest crew - i really like these guys (especially because hok and that other guy from so you think you can dance (was sabra's partner for a while, forgot his name) are on this squad!). they'll come up with some crazy stuff, like that slow mo matrix style shit they did last night, but they've also gotta calm it down a little and get their performance cleaner and more controlled. sometimes i feel like they're bouncing around all over the place. but if they can clean it up while keeping their creativity up there, i think they'll do really well. oh and one more thing - some of them hairstyles are the most ridiculous things i've ever seen.

in the middle / undecided - millenia and that step team
these are the crews i don't care for either way right now. haven't done anything crazy memorable. millenia's got some good choreography and they'll have their moments when they throw out these great combinations, but so far nothing mind blowing. and the step team's steps are gonna get old real soon. like after the 3rd episode unless they incorporate something new. i know these guys are trying to stay true to who they are and their roots, which is basically in step, but abdc is all about taking it to the next level, all about the entertainment factor and about showing us something we've never seen before. if both these crews can go beyond their comfort zone they'll be able to stick around for a while.

get 'em outta here! - dynamic cloggers, the cortortionist guys, and the cheer team
dude the cloggers gotta go. yeah it's cool what they can do and all, but after these first two episodes the shit's starting to look the same. and i expect it's gonna keep looking the same because you can only do so much with clogging when you aren't trained in any other area of dance beyond that. i'm really scared that middle america is just gonna keep voting for them while some other crew who should still be around gets kicked out.
the contortionist guys - oh my god i cringe every time these guys take the stage. so gross what they do with their bodies. and i'm totally over it. and the fact that they're from the same hood as lil mama makes me dislike these guys even more. there's not much else these guys can do. you know who they remind me of? the first season finalists who went up against jabba in the finals. totally forgot their name, but remember how they did some ridicuous circus performance during the finals? yeah, that's the cortortionists. circus freaks.
and then there's the cheer team. we get one of these every season and it's the same result every time. too cheerleader, not enough street and funk. like if you try to battle these girls, they'll get flustered because they don't have their britney backing track to dance to. it's just too much "a one and two and one and two" and not enough instinct and gut and raw talent.

speaking of britney, who's excited about next week's challenge! i guess the cheer team should do well with this one, but i can't wait to see what the hell the steppers are gonna do for a britney track! haha!

seriously i sooooo miss fanny pak. super crew was cool and all, but i really wish fanny pak could've gone all the way last season. bring them back!!

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