November 3, 2008

one long weekend (and a long blog to go with it)

happy belated halloween!!

and happy election day eve!!

and a special belated birthday wish to the most fabulous nephew in the whole wide world!  he turned 1 yesterday.  we're throwing him a big bash in two weeks (had to wait because the hall we wanted to rent wasn't available until then). we even got elmo in the house! whuuutt! :-)

so i'm hella tired. these past few days went by quickstyle. and all the events of this past weekend came in pairs! that never happens!

kicked things off on friday. my coworker is a member of the de young and legion of honor museums and she got an invite to a free preview of the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the de young. so we trekked out across town in the rain after work to check it out. and i died. fashion overload. the most amazing garments i've ever seen up close and personal. dresses from the 60's that are still relevant today. ostrich feather gowns that draped for days. hats, hats, hats. jackets that were intricately embroidered to look like van gogh replicas. i mean, i was completely speechless at the breadth of this collection. 

after my fun-filled afternoon of fashion, i headed home and next thing i knew i had to get ready for a halloween party that night. i had no intention of going out this year. none. i just wanted to be lazy and lounge around my house that night. but somehow my two coworkers coerced me to join them and i was recruited to be the 3rd member of an elite squad of jewel thieves. dressed in black head to toe. black boots, black gloves. we had our bag of loot stashed at our side with the jewels hanging out. bungee cord rope and carabiners attached to our utility belts in case we had to repel down the side of a building for a quick getaway. and the piece de resistance - a slick headlight attached to our caps. for a last minute costume, i must say it all came together very well. best part is that we only spent 10 bucks on it all because we kept the tags on the jewels we bought from h&m and returning them this week! hahaha!!

we hit up a house party in north beach, which of course meant no overpriced drinks! no waiting in line at the bar! free jungle juice for all!  hooray!!!! i haven't hit up a good house party in a while. was immediately transported back to the college days. no keg stands this time around though. so who was there? just michael phelps, brett michaels, whiteboy from i love $, and sarah palin. then there was a dude dressed like a baked potato, fat bastard (whose costume was inflatable and took up wayyy too much room -  think i got lost inside there a couple times), slutty cops (5 of them! how unoriginal, girls!), and then there was the slutty nurse. who took home the award for best moment of the night. when she straight face planted over by the jungle juice (that's what you get for wearing hooker heels!!) and spilled all her beer and my coworker's beer all over my coworker! the nurse went down, her skirt flew up and she flashed her thong to the entire room and the beer went flying on to my coworker. so all the guys scramble to get paper towels and who do they give them all to?  the slutty thong exposing nurse!  hahaaha!!! guys at their finest. 

the next morning i had to crawl off the couch at my coworker's pad, drive my ass outta the city and back home, and now get ready for a 1st birthday party. happy saturday! oy, the last thing i wanted to do was be surrounded by kids yelling and screaming and running around all over the place. thankfully i got to powernap on the drive to foster city and then chow down like a mothereffer at the party. props to my cousin for getting the party catered by macaroni grill!! after the fairy princess show, the cake cutting and gift opening we finally headed out. time to go home and relax? nope, not so much. time to go home and change into dressier outfit #2 and head over to union city for my aunt's 65th birthday party! hooray! thank god for my brother driving everywhere that day. so we hit up my aunt's party, chow down some more (good thing i was semi-hungover and could eat for days!), catch up with another side of the family, sing happy birthday, watch the guests play a combo scavenger hunt/musical chairs game (which i thought was the best party game ever!) and dance a little bit with my nephew. who we just discovered is a fan of flo-rida's "low." he danced like crazy during this song and when flo-rida said get low, jaron squatted down and started bouncing and dancing in a squat position. classic.  we head out at 11pm and instead of going home we passed by walmart. and stupid me instead of waiting in the car and passing out, i decided to join my bro and his wife as they picked up a couple of things for my nephew. it was supposed to be a quick stop, but instead i was in there for an hour and a half! walking in high heels! i was literally limping out of the store and back to the car. 45 min later, home sweet home.

did i get to sleep in? should know the answer to that one! nope! sunday morning rolls around and now it's time to celebrate my nephew's birthday! drag my ass outta bed, wipe the makeup off my face (i know, gross, it should've been done the night before, but i was too tired to function properly), and get ready for another full day. head over to my bro's place for a birthday brunch with the fam. pretty low key for the most part. except for all the times i had to chase after jaron to protect him from all those dangerous corners in the house!  watch out for that coffee table! no don't walk there! don't climb up the stairs!  now that he's mobile (not fully walking yet, but crawling everywhere and walking anywhere there's something to hold on to), it's a must to keep all eyes on him. after another fantabulous meal (props to the bro for picking up some spam misubi and chicken katsu from the hawaiian spot in tanforan!! damn, ate like a monster this whole weekend!), we busted out the birthday cake and jaron blew out his 1 candle (barely - more slobber than air came outta his mouth!). a couple more laps around the place and then it was nap time. that's my cue to leave.

on to event #2! dinner at umami for hsm3's #1 fan.  :-) good food. good company. and best of all, mellow and sitting down!  plate after plate of delish japanese food. some highlights included the veggie tempura, ahi tuna tacos, hotpot of spicy goodness, and the shaking beef. i'm sure there was more i'm leaving out but those stick out first in my head. and for dessert? biggest pot de creme ever!  too much to handle. we did a rotation around the table with all the desserts and the pineapple/tapioca crumble was to die for! 

so are you tired from all this reading? well i'm still tired from living it out these last few days!  all good in the end though. four birthdays, fine fashion, and a frugal halloween. 

i'm going to bed.


reegsta said...

man haven't got plastered at a house party in awhile...we're in need of another 40oz party

Mona said...

Pat literally lives right across the street from umami. You best call net time you're over there!