October 11, 2008

nkotb, the pics!!!!

* pics courtesy of........me!

just posted my pics from last night's screamfest onto flickr!

we sat towards the back of the arena so they're not the sharpest of pics. but thankfully the guys performed on a mini stage in the middle of the floor level and i was able to get some better shots!  

as soon as i figure out how to upload the videos from my camera so that they don't take up a massive amount of space, i'll post them. i get so excited all over again every time i watch them! haha!

i love joey mac!  sorry, i'm totally gonna be ending several posts like that for a while. :-)


Mos Jef said...

from all the facebook feeds; this seemed like the concert of concerts! i was kinda jealous to be honest...since i was at work

tiffanyblue said...

totally wish you came with, like mos-jefinately!! not only a fun ass concert (it was like re-living the old nsync days!) but there were a gazillion gals in the house aged 25-35! prime time pick up spot for fellas! haha!