October 29, 2008

80's purple, for the fellas edition

was hella bored at work and spent my whole day pouring over all the product on this site! i just brought you my fave pieces from the women's side, now here are a couple of finds for the male audience..........

wool peacoat by diesel
buttoned down it looks like your standard peacoat. but buttoned up like shown here the details come through

nylon hoodie - converse by john varvatos
super easy jacket. curious to see what this feels like though. i'm big on having to touch and feel everything when it comes to outerwear.

the nixon player watch
a serious staple that should be in every young man's closet

or the sleek blacked out time teller

love the idea behind this hat with the printed feather (clever!) but don't love the polka dots and color combo

the defcon jacket by fyasco (although i think i love the brand name and jacket name even more! haha)

im king tee, dedicated to the elite run club (although they ain't as hard as the crew on this tee :-) haha)

and finally, scotch & soda's buffalo plaid flannel peacoat! this. jacket. is. fire!!!!! love the nice little touches with the striped undercollar and crest-style patch on the sleeve.


rolsuno said...

HOLD UP!! what you mean Run Club aint harder then the dudes on that TEE.. Do you know who I am..Im the king of the sunset...i got street cred for days..LOL

reegsta said...

nylon hoodie and 2nd watch are probably the only pieces i could get away with haha. that peacoat i would wanna rock though.