September 2, 2008


click on the link for the new kids' latest video for their new single. called "single." no, seriously.

New Kids on the Block feat. Ne-Yo - "Single"
* vid courtesy of mr. perez

not sure how i'm feeling about the whole thing after just one listen and one viewing of the vid. still hate the dancing. hate the intro/outro with donnie (not klang - don't get it twisted now) doing that talkish rap or whatever you'd call that. i'm for sure not into the "i'll be your boyfriend" lyric repeated over and over throughout the chorus. much too boy band of a lyric when they're clearly grown ass men. if it was a jonas saying that line, then no worries. but not when you got a couple of members married with kids - that ain't right.

but i'm not a total hater here. i do love the melody. and well, of course i like ne-yo's parts in the song. cause this girl loves her some ne-yo jams! haha! maybe if i listen to it a couple more times this tune will grow on me. 

totally off the topic of nkotb but still music related. the pussycat dolls scored BIG time with their latest single "when i grow up". they were popular before, but this just took them to another level because that song is used EVERYFRIKKINWHERE these days. every promo for every reality show competition is just all over it. and mtv's claiming it for the theme song of their new america's best dance pop group show (i don't think that's really the show title but it might as well be with mario hosting). abdpg! :-) 

speaking of abdc (kinda), did yall catch the vma special? fanny pak better win that shit! if i have to hear that one dorky short guy from so real crew talk again, let alone present an award at the vma's, i'm gonna lose it. can you just see it? he'd be all, yeah, chris brown is the winner of the best dance video, and he's really talented, but so real crew's been through a lot and we're talented too.  damn i can't stand that guy.

can't wait for the vma's this weekend!  woo hoo!

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