August 4, 2008

Currently Watching.....

The red carpet show for the Teen Choice Awards on E!....

And Guilana is interviewing Vanessa Hudgens who's like 16 or something and the teen just said the word escrow. As in she's in the process of closing escrow on her new house. She's 16. That ain't right. I can't even afford rent in SF!

And while we're on the topic of all things teen-related, my mom straight asked me yesterday if I was going to a Jonas Brothers concert!  hahahaha!!!  I guess she heard they were in town and since I went to that Wild 94.9 show not too long ago I guess she figured I may be a Jo-Bro fan?  Or something? Seriously, I don't know where my mom was going on this one, but I was laughing hysterically when she asked. God love ya, ma.

And speaking of awards show, who's excited for the MTV VMA's!  I am, I am!  September 7!

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